Cam locks

Description of Camlocks

B512G - 12mm Camlock (One Key Pull)
B513G - 12mm Camlock (Two Key Pulls: 12-3)

B518G - 18mm Camlock (One Key Pull)
B518E - 18mm Camlock (Two Key Pulls: 12-6)
B518B - 18mm Camlock With Ball Bearing (One Key Pull)
B518F - 18mm Camlock (Two Key Pulls: 12-3)
B518L - 18mm Camlock (Two Key Pulls: 12-9)

B522F - 22mm Camlock (Two Key Pulls: 12-3)
B522G - 22mm Camlock (One Key Pull)

B530G - 30mm Camlock (One Key Pull)

B540F - 40mm Camlock (Two Key Pulls: 12-3)
B540G - 40mm Camlock (One Key Pull)

Q: What is a 12-3 "Key Pull"?

A: A "Key Pull" is an exit for the key at a certain position on the lock face. The location of the "Key Pull" is typically labeled according to the numbers on a clock.

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